Welcome to APILSA!

On behalf of the 2014-2015 Executive Board, welcome to APILSA at UCLA. We're glad you're here - cheers to a good year!

Professional Development

Meet practitioners, find a mentor, and get involved! There's a lot of need in the community, and you can start making a difference even while still in school.

Academic Support

Law school can be tough, but with outline banks, peer mentorship, and a supportive community, you'll be more than ready.

Good Food

And of course, food runs. KTown, Arcadia, we see you.

Who We Are

Get to know our history, mission, and current board at UCLA.

Community Involvement

See our partners in the community and find ways to give back.

Upcoming Events

Community speakers, academic tutorials, food runs, and more - make law school count; hope to see you there!